Transgender Latinas Team Up Against Discrimination

Joselyn Mendoza, hair tied up in a neat bun, looked completely at ease as she combed a customer’s hair at the Parisien Beauty School in Queens, New …

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Davey Wavey: How To F*ck A Transgender Guy

For example, a handsome guy approaches you on Grindr. You're interested. You notice that he identifies as trans in his profile. You have questions, but aren't sure what to say. Read more: Transgender, Transgender Issues, Lgbt, Sex, … [Continue reading]

Paula Stone Williams: Gender Confusion – Give Me A Break!

Gender Confusion - Give Me a Break! Gabe Lyons is the director of the Q conference, a large and influential evangelical gathering. Recently Lyons wro... Read more: Transgender, Evangelicals, Gabe Lyons, Q Conference, Reparative Therapy, … [Continue reading]

Nico Tortorella Now Says He's Comfortable With Identifying As Bisexual

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Grace Anne Stevens: My Transgender Life: On Hallowed Ground

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Chrissy Renaee: A Year On Hormones!

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John R. Schneider, III: Not Another Transgender Tragedy

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Michael Cook: The Election Is Over; What I Have Learned And What We Can Do

"Let Us Not Lose Heart-There Is More Work To Do-Secretary Hillary Clinton , November 9th, 2016 I wanted Hillary Clinton to be the President of the... Read more: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, President Clinton, Election, Protest, Asbury … [Continue reading]

Udi Behr: Keep The Noise Out

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Here's An Amazing Way To Help Trans People In NYC This Weekend

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