Nathan Manske: Activist Remembers Those He Met on 6,000-Mile Walk for Equality (VIDEO)

2015-04-24-1429841365-638767-2015042214297451469265555AlanBounvillesmall.jpgAlan Bounville walked 6,000 miles for gender-identity and sexual-orientation equality. But what happened early on in his walk, at a small grocery store in a rural town, is what led him to one of his most memorable experiences.

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'Straight Pride' Posters Leave University Campus Confused And Angry

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Eden Lane: How Can the Bruce Jenner Interview Help Us Better Serve Our Audience

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Ryley Rubin Pogensky: From the Bay a Runway That Stands for So Much More

How can POC be celebrated, while also being part of the norm? By creating our own events. By owning what for so long we have had to be window shoppers to. Invited for appetizers, but not allowed to stay and enjoy the main course. Read … [Continue reading]

The Lack Of Connection In Today’s Gay Culture

I’d like to be a bigger person and say that there’s good in everybody. In some ways it’s true, but in more ways than I care to handle, there are people that will never see the color of their words. Not to be high and mighty, but I … [Continue reading]

How to Keep Cool in Front of Your Man Crush

It’s easy to lose yourself a bit after realizing how much you like someone. Being in front of them turns us into giddy schoolboys again; so much so that we say stupid things, thinking we sound articulate, then bash our heads in a pillow at … [Continue reading]

Steve Bevilacqua: Don't Go Away Mad, Just Go Away: Facebook's Zero Effect on My Presidential Election

Tell Facebook ranters to STFU because they have zero effect on your decision-making process. If they argue, set them free. Unfriend them, block them, cut them loose forever. You can do it. Read more: Politics, 2016 Election, Facebook, … [Continue reading]

Lori Sokol: A Night of a Thousand Genders

'Why do we need to be told which toys are appropriate for girls and boys?' and 'Why are toys even categorized according a child's gender?' But, there was still a more crucial question that even I, a life-long feminist, did not think to ask: "Are … [Continue reading]

HeartMob Will Provide Real-Time Support To People Being Harassed Online

An estimated 40 percent of Internet users have been harassed online, and a new service wants to help victims as it happens. The anti-harassment gr... Read more: Heartmob, Hollaback, Hollaback!, Online Harassment, Cyber Harassment, Cyber … [Continue reading]

Guys Stealing Others Guy’s Photos For Online Hookups?

A naked picture speaks a thousand words… I used to make fun of kleptomaniacs. The I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and Ethel pretend to be kleptos for Ricky is my favorite out of all the shows (kudos to you if you know which one I’m … [Continue reading]