Here's A Modern Twist On Classic Judy With A Great Gay Cause

Among gay audiences, Judy Garland is one of few performers who never seems to go out of style.

New York singer-actress Bridget Barkan proved that …

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Timothy Braun: I'm Going to Make You a Beef Sandwich, or If You'll Excuse Me While I Install This Toilet

As my new plumber opened a box filled with porcelain pieces I learn he is from Chicago, and a Bears fan. He spends the season in what he calls "The Bus", an old '74 school bus in the parking lot of Solider Field, and has invited me and my dog to the … [Continue reading]

Raquel Willis: Graduation to Womanhood: Being Transgender at a Southern College

Some people come out of the college experience with a degree, others with incredible stories, and others simply with a better understanding of their body's tolerance for alcohol. But some, like me, left with a newfound understanding and sense of … [Continue reading]

Cleve Jones: Remembering Harvey Milk and His Fight to End Job Discrimination

This week we celebrate Harvey Milk's 85th birthday and honor his role as one of the pioneers of the LGBT community, even as we await a decision on marriage equality from the Supreme Court of the United States. Read more: LGBT Rights, … [Continue reading]

JD Gershbein: When a LinkedIn Connection Crosses the Line

On the surface, one might think that online sexual harassment is an offense reserved for Facebook or Twitter. People have been known to be sloppy, insensitive, and condemnatory on those sites. LinkedIn, the professional social networking site, is … [Continue reading]

Chris Tompkins: Messages From the Playground: Healing Homophobia Before it Begins and Preventing Bullying Before it Starts

Talking about shame, we are exposing it and nipping it in the bud. Having uncomfortable conversations with children at a young age doesn't put them at risk, instead, it does the opposite. It keeps them from risk. Read more: Lgbt, LGBT … [Continue reading]

Mary J. Moss: Open Letter to Bruce Jenner: Please Accept This Medal of Courage

Bruce, please hold your head up high and never give up. You no longer need to hide. You no longer need to isolate. You have nothing left to fear. You have conquered more battles already than most could ever imagine in their wildest dreams. … [Continue reading]

Girl Scouts Have Awesome Response To 'Family' Group That Wants To Ban Trans Scouts

A "family" group doesn't want transgender girls accepted into the Girl Scouts of America, but the Girl Scouts sure don't care. Last week, the Amer... Read more: Girl Scouts, Transgender, Lgbt, American Family Association, Transgender … [Continue reading]

Trans Icon Janet Mock Gives Heartfelt Advice To Young People Struggling With Identity

As a kid, transgender icon Janet Mock felt like her gender identity was policed by those around her. In a recent video for the "It Gets Better" pr... Read more: Janet Mock, It Gets Better, Janet Mock It Gets Better, Transgender, … [Continue reading]

Metro: Barnard Likely To Usher In Transgender Women

Women's colleges across the country are re-assessing how transgender women fit into their communities. Read more: Barnard, Transgender, Lgbt, Education, Women News … [Continue reading]