In Race-Based Mixup, Trolls Accuse Washington Post Editor Of Spying On Trump Nominee

Online trolls have attacked a Washington Post editor over a fake news story falsely stating that she had snapped a photo of Rex Tillerson’s notes du…

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Alexandra Katehakis, M.F.T.: The Best And Worst Sex Stories From The Last Year

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White House's LGBT Liaison Fears Trump's Approach To Queer Issues

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Mila Atmos: Make a Difference in the New Year

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Justin T Weller: What's It Like to Be Bisexual? The Tough Questions

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Twitter Temporarily Suspends Woman After She Reports Anti-Semitic Messages

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Amber Rose Says She'd Never Date A Bisexual Man

When it comes to her love life, Amber Rose has proudly declared herself “extremely open” and able to “find beauty in everybody.” But the 33-ye... Read more: Dating, Gay Men, Dancing With the Stars, Amber Rose, Bisexuality, LGBTQ … [Continue reading]

Martin Shkreli Gets Suspended From Twitter After Cyber-Stalking Writer

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Rachel Hawkins: The Sinister Side Of Twitter

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Max DuBowy: Why You Don't Go to Bars and Clubs Anymore

I don't go to bars or clubs anymore. I rarely enjoyed myself when I did. Why? I didn't feel like I belonged. Especially as a shy gay man, it didn't... Read more: Gay, Gay Issues, Gay Voices, Gay Pride, Gay Marriage, Queer Issues, Mental … [Continue reading]