Dr. Gloria Brame: Growing Up Kinky

Growing up kinky, queer, non-binary, and non-heteronormative is a mixed bag that often includes struggles and self-doubt. But you grow up, and chances are that you will find that person or those people who don’t just accept you but are grateful for who you turned out to be.

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Kris Hayashi: When Visibility is not Enough

Failure to adequately protect transgender students means that transgender people and their families often face hostile, unsafe, or unwelcoming school environments. Harassment and violence make it difficult for transgender students to obtain the … [Continue reading]

Ross Ellis: Public Shaming: We've Gone Too Far

In order to stop public shaming, we should all be held accountable and be role models to our children, our peers and others. Lead by example and show words of kindness can and do make a world of difference. Read more: Bullying, … [Continue reading]

The Racist Truth Behind Types & Preferences

There’s a difference between a type and a preference. I’m in the dating pool right now, so I’m well versed on what it means to have a “type.” I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. For example, I … [Continue reading]

Michele Nealon-Woods: Is Social Media Testing Our Morals?

Every day, I learn so much about the world through the eyes of my children. My boys are 15 and nine and, like so many kids their age; they are significantly more fluent with technology and social media than I ever will be. Read more: … [Continue reading]

Christine Hoh: Bully No More

These negative words are words often used by a bully. Many of us are familiar with the character that just constantly tormented us. I realized that this bully character, which I thought I said farewell to after my teen years, never disappeared in my … [Continue reading]

Dana Beyer: The Second Coming of the Man Who Would Be Queen

Charlotte Allen's article in the Weekly Standard, "The Transgender Triumph," which reads like a "Greatest Hits" album of the scientifically ignorant and hateful anti-trans rabble, leads with the return of Professor J. Michael Bailey to the scene of … [Continue reading]

Warren J. Blumenfeld: Negotiating for Cessation of Persecution of LGBT People in Iran

Repressive regimes around the world currently and throughout history have scapegoated, oppressed, and murdered LGBT people. The time has long since passed that we speak out against repression in all of its forms Read more: Iran, Lgbt, … [Continue reading]

Beck Bailey: Off to the ER: Will I Be Treated With Dignity?

Recently I found myself in a situation that many transgender people dread: I was in an accident and required emergency medical care. Read more: Lgbt, Lgbtq, LGBT Healthcare, Trans, Transgender, Health Care, Healthcare, Transgender … [Continue reading]

10 Signs You’re Dating an A**hole

We’ve all date assholes in our lives. I know I’ve dated plenty. If I had a nickel for every idiot I dated, I could buy and sell a Starbucks franchise. But the thing is if we hadn’t dated these types of men, we might never know the … [Continue reading]