Christian Piatt: God is Transgender

Many of us have accepted such patriarchal theology because it feels familiar. But that doesn’t make it right.

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Joy Ladin: Becoming the People We Wish We Were: An Address to the Graduating Students of Harvey Milk High School

When I finally stopped hiding and started living as a woman, I also "became the impossible," a kind of person my family, my students, my Orthodox Jewish university didn't think could exist. Read more: LGBT Youth, Minority Youth, … [Continue reading]

Kevin Richberg: Photo Recap: Virginia's Largest Pride

The State of Virginia holds the nation's only Gay Pride Boat Parade, that's right: no floats, just boats! Hampton Roads Pride, in Norfolk, Virginia, is the State's largest pride celebration, throwing a unique twist on the gay festivities. … [Continue reading]

Hipmunk: 5 US Gay Pride Parade Cities Worth a Visit

In June, members of the LGBT community march for equality all over the world. Many of the marches commemorate the resistance against routine police raids at the Stonewall Inn in New York City in 1969. Read more: Gay Pride, Parade, … [Continue reading]

Harvey Makadon, M.D.: After Celebrating: The Hard Work of LGBT Equality Continues

In the last half-century, LGBT people have experienced a widening circle of acceptance. With each step of the circle outwards, more Americans got to know their LGBT friends, family and neighbors for who they are, and together we became more aware of … [Continue reading]

Fiona Citkin, Ph.D.: Trumping the Immigrants: Prejudice Against Pride

Our national motto, E Pluribus Unum--"out of many, one"-- continues to be an ideal we all can aspire to, with or without Donald Trump. Fanning the flames of racism, xenophobia, and division at a time when the US needs more national cooperation is … [Continue reading]

Kelsie Brynn Jones: R-E-S-P-E-C-T And Why Queers Don't Quite Have It Yet

Marches now seem like a distant memory, replaced by fabulous and colorful processions parading through mainly business districts and streets. They are corporate sponsored, very straight-friendly and largely white. Read more: Gay, … [Continue reading]

Stephanie Mott: Marriage Equality: Racism on the Side

My heart is filled with joy. My heart is filled with pain. My heart is filled with purpose. My heart is filled with hope. Read more: Racism, Bigotry, Lgbt, Marriage Equality, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Love, Hate, Fear, … [Continue reading]

Michael Hurt: On Korean Christian Homophobia

As a professor, photographer, and visual sociologist living in Seoul, South Korea for the last 13 years, I felt it was my duty to offer a little bit more depth to the photoreportage and paucity of analysis going on around the seemingly crazed antics … [Continue reading]

LGBT Immigrant Rights Protesters Arrested Near White House

WASHINGTON -- Six LGBT immigrant rights activists were arrested Tuesday after blocking a street near the White House to protest the Obama administrati... Read more: LGBT Immigrant Rights Protest, LGBT Rights, Lgbt, LGBT Issues, … [Continue reading]