Kristi Hugstad: One Big Reason ’13 Reasons Why’ Is Failing Our Teens

There’s nothing easy about being a teen. From peer pressure to parental expectations to body shaming and insecurity, there are countless reasons why…

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Man Arrested For Allegedly Performing ‘Back Alley’ Surgery On A Trans Woman

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Kesha Says ‘Taking The Time To Work On Yourself Requires Bravery’

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American Parents Are Ditching The Name ‘Caitlyn’ In All Its Forms

A fun bit of news circulated across the internet on Friday: Kylo, like Kylo Ren, had become the hottest name for baby boys in America, according to ne... Read more: Donald Trump, Arts and Entertainment, LGBTQ Sexuality, Transgender, LGBT … [Continue reading]

‘Walking Dead’ Star Reportedly Leaves Instagram Over Body Shamers

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Meet The Man Who Could Be America’s First Openly Trans Male Judge

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Trump’s Army Secretary Pick Is Victim Of ‘Gay Gestapo,’ Right Wing Activists Claim

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‘Drag Race’ Contestant Opens Up About Transphobic Incident At Moscow Airport

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Grace Anne Stevens: My Transgender Life: Pinch Me

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Kids Offer Beautifully Unexpected Response To Coach Coming Out As Trans

The founder and director of a soccer club in Portland, Oregon came out to his players as transgender this week and the moving moment was captured and ... Read more: LGBTQ Sexuality, Huffington Post, Transgender, Portland Oregon, Queer … [Continue reading]