Colleen Berge: Schoolyard Bullying: It's Ok To Be Different

Bullying. A word that has only gained in intensity and power despite its frequent use. Everyone is outraged by bullying. It’s the hot topic at parent meetings and “zero tolerance for bullying” has become every school’s catch phrase. And rightly so.

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Oliver Leung: The First and Only National Text Message Crisis Line

In desperate times, verbally articulating our feelings can difficult. Our voice can expose our innermost thoughts to prying ears. On the other hand, texting has become an extension of our thoughts and evolved to help us through our darkest hour. … [Continue reading]

Is Smoking A Socially Transmitted Disease For Queer People?

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Harsh Voruganti: Eighteen Years Later, Hindu Students Still Bullied in American Public Schools

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Torsten Højer: We Tuk Tuk Queer Love Onto the Streets of Phnom Penh

On Saturday afternoon, more rainbow flags and glittery fabulousness than ever before "Tuk Tuk" to the streets of Phnom Penh in the most visible display of queerness during the week-long Pride celebrations in Cambodia. Read more: … [Continue reading]

Telling Trans Stories Beyond 'Born In The Wrong Body'

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Eric T. Butler: The Law Is the Law: A Call to Defeat HB2 Through Obedience

The uproar over North Carolina's Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act (HB2) has been impossible to miss. The law, which forces transgender and ... Read more: Lgbtq, Transgender, Men, Women, Bathroom, Transgender Bathrooms, Hb2, … [Continue reading]

Charles Karel Bouley: As Pride Begins, Some Wonder What It Has Become

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Alexa Corazón: Psychological Reprogramming and Transition

So what's the best advice I can give to others when they see a transgender citizen? Be kind and be patient. What if the transwoman that walked by you wasn't feminine enough? Be patient, she is learning every second she spends in public. Be kind, … [Continue reading]

Warren J. Blumenfeld: North Carolina and the Specter of the Predatory 'Other'

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