Muslim Woman Targeted By Twitter Trolls After London Attack Speaks Out

A Muslim woman who was photographed in the aftermath of Wednesday’s London attack is speaking out against the racist trolls who attempted to create …

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FlockU: PornHub Is A SJW

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The Conversation Global: Latin American Presidents Love Twitter – And That's Not A Good Sign

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Hero Game Developer Starts Donation Campaign On Behalf Of Her Trolls

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Maryland Man Charged After Tweet Induces Seizure In Reporter With Epilepsy

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'Grey's Anatomy' Star Sara Ramirez Has Something To Say About Bi-Erasure

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We Need To Talk About WTF Is Up With Kristen Stewart's Sexuality

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Man Arrested For Tweeting Seizure-Inducing GIF To Reporter With Epilepsy

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Famous Women's Bodies Don't Belong To You

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Michelle Zunter: How Do I Tell Our Kids I Hated Being A Teenager?

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