An All-Transgender Modeling Agency Is Coming To Los Angeles

Transgender supermodel Andreja Pejic may soon be getting a whole modeling agency’s worth of competition.
Thailand’s leading Apple Model…

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C. M. Rubin: The Global Search for Education: Our Top 12 Global Teacher Blogs – What are several real ways you have seen bullying reduced?

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Adam Hunt: Mean Girls, Caitlyn Jenner and the Responsibility of Being a Trans Ally

The enemy is the same ignorance and hate that leads to transphobia, racism and misogyny. It's the same ignorance that causes us to jump to defend our mistakes, rather than attempt to understand why or how we could be wrong. It's the same hate that … [Continue reading]

8 Reasons Why Older Men Make the Best Boyfriends

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Reno Removes Rainbow Flag From City Hall After Controversy

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The Bachelorette Really Does Face A Nasty Double Standard

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Dana Beyer: The Equality Act, Part One — Introduction

Last Thursday Senate and House Democrats, 205 in all, introduced the Equality Act (S.1858/H.R.3185). Like ENDA since 2009, it is fully inclusive, covering gender identity and expression as well as sexual orientation. That is today's reality, and will … [Continue reading]

5 Things 60-Somethings Can Learn From Caitlyn Jenner

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This Incredible Trans Woman Is Challenging The Way We Think About Gender

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Americans Become More Accepting Of Gays Every Day, Study Suggests

  Academic studies can be fascinating... and totally confusing. So we decided to strip away all of the scientific jargon and break them down for... Read more: Gay Issues, Gay Marriage, Gay Rights, Anti Gay, Gay Allies, Gay Pride, … [Continue reading]