Bethany Grace Howe: Transgender Youth Have So Many Questions — I Wish I Had An Answer

Dear young lady with the question,
You asked me a question today. I tried to answer – and I failed. I knew I’d failed, which is why I wanted to ta…

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Caitlyn Jenner On Trump, Kendall’s Pepsi Ad, Her Beef With Ellen And Being Catcalled

Caitlyn Jenner is currently in the middle of a massive publicity tour for her new tell-all memoir, The Secrets Of My Life, which hit stores Tuesday.

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Stephanie Mott: They Are Not Transgender Rights

They are not transgender rights. They are human rights for people who happen to be transgender or gender non-conforming (TGNC).
Human rights. Civil ri…

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Former Fox News Host Accuses Network Of Hacking And Online Harassment

Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros accused former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes and current high-level executives of using electronic surveillance a…

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Jenny Boylan On Her New Novel And The Evolution of Identity Across A Lifetime

Jennifer Finney Boylan has lived a number of different lives.
An author, activist and educator, she recently established herself as a household name …

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U.S.-Israeli Citizen Charged In Jewish Community Center Threats

The U.S.-Israeli dual citizen accused of making dozens of threats to Jewish community centers was slapped with several federal charges, the Justice De…

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Sports Have Been An Anchor For This Transgender Teenager

This article originally appeared on Outsports
I’ve been an athlete my entire life. Since the time I could walk, I have run and played softball and s…

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Mom Wants Justice For Boy Who Killed Himself After Social Media Hoax

The mother of an 11-year-old Michigan boy who killed himself after a cruel social media prank wants a 13-year-old girl to face a harsher penalty for h…

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Nathan Timmel: Starbucks: Speak Softly And Do The Right Thing

On March 30, 2017, North Carolina repealed its hateful and misguided law, HB2. This was the famous “Bathroom Bill,” which was a thinly-veiled atta…

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Eric Trump Actually Complained About Mean People On Twitter

Eric Trump must not be too familiar with his father’s Twitter feed.
In an interview with Ireland’s Independent newspaper, the son of President Don…

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