Outing Transgender People Isn’t Just Wrong… It’s Potentially Deadly

Zeke Smith was outed on national television on Wednesday night during one of the most shocking episodes of “Survivor’s” 34-season history. In a ... Read more: u.s. News , Hate Speech, Transgender, LGBTQ Sexuality, Gay Rights, Jeff … [Continue reading]

‘Survivor’ Player Claims He Was Fired From Job After Outing Trans Teammate

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‘Survivor’ Contestant Who Outed Trans Teammate Apologizes For ‘Assault’

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This Is Why I Spy On My Kids Now That They Are Driving

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Suspect Charged In Vandalism Of Jewish Community Center During Passover

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Vandals Spray-Paint Nazi Symbols On Jewish Community Center During Passover

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Trans Singer Records Duet With Himself Pre And Post Transition

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Jared Kushner Increasingly Targeted By Anti Semites, ADL Says

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For Everyone Who's Wondered What Happens To Your Farts When You Transition

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Facebook Releases New Tools To Combat Revenge Porn

On Wednesday, Facebook unveiled a handful of new tools aimed at reducing the spread of so-called “revenge porn” on the site, a category Mark Zucke... Read more: Facebook, Pornography, Social Networking, Cyberbullying, Technology News … [Continue reading]