Blood, Maps, And Fears: This Week’s #LGBTWellness News

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Dozens Of Texas Businesses Tell Governor To Ditch ‘Bathroom Bill’

Discriminating against the transgender community is simply bad for business, they say. … [Continue reading]

Trans RAF Pilot: Trump’s Excuses For Ban Are Not Based In ‘Reality’

Ayla Holdom came out as transgender in 2010 while she was tasked with flying search and rescue missions in Britain’s Royal Air Force. Holdom, who is now an activist, said the common excuses for keeping transgender people out of the military are "not … [Continue reading]

LGBTQ Youth: It’s Time For Birds And Birds, AND Bees And Bees

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Lawmakers Sued For Displaying Pride Flag

Four lawmakers are being sued for hanging the LGBTQ Pride flag outside their offices. The outlandish suit claims that homosexuality is a religion. … [Continue reading]

Colorful Book Will Give Kids A Glimpse At Harvey Milk’s Life And Legacy

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I’m A Trans Veteran And I Fought For Your Right To Hate Me

For someone who claims to value loyalty, the president fails to comprehend the ultimate loyalty of our nation's transgender service members. … [Continue reading]

Charlize Theron Reveals She’s ‘Swum In The Lady Pond’

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Texas Senate’s First Day Of ‘Bathroom Bill’ Hearings Marked By Scathing Testimony

"Sen. Kolkhorst might as well argue that black people be banned from the bathroom because rapists might wear blackface," one speaker said. … [Continue reading]

Trans Wrestler Protests Bathroom Bill: ‘We Are Not Choosing’

Mack Beggs says prospective laws will "isolate and exclude" LGBTQ people. … [Continue reading]